swayr - ABOUT US:


(swayr, like Swayer)

  • To incline towards change, in opinion or feeling: “I was swayed by this article”
  • To exert influence over: “His speech swayed the voters”


Pick a Topic, Vote and Discuss The Social Issues That Matter To You.


swayr is a social experiment happening in real time.


Covering Modern Social Issues and Urban Politics, we allow you to vote on the issues that affect your life or the lives of the people around you. Not a boring political site, we offer a more approachable, friendly and subtle view of the real world around us.


Have you always wanted to make your voice heard? Felt angry that certain issues have been so ignored, no one even knows about them?


You’re not alone.


Maybe you’re also fed up about how PC the world has gotten? That you can’t actually express your opinion without someone losing their sh*t?!

“What happened to freedom of speech”


Ever felt confused about the things being debated in the media? Feel like you don’t have all the facts? Not sure if you’re biased, or not? After all, we are all probably a bit biased sometimes. 


"We take you out of the echo chamber and into real life."


We take opinions very seriously and believe that you should always have the choice to freedom of speech (as long as it does not hurt anyone).


We try to offer discussions in an objective way. swayr follows no specific ideology and as open minded creators we want to hear what everyone has to say! 


"Modern times, call for modern actions. It's here, that you have a voice!"


Now go and vote, where your opinion counts!


Who are we?

We are a team of journalists/media professsionals with over 40 years of combined experience in the media and publishing industry. Our experience comes from working at publications including: The Guardian, Fox, HuffPost and Haymarket

We created swayr because we wanted a place to discuss the issues that matter, whilst cutting out the factory noise that plaques most comment sections of social media. A place to pick a topic and vote. 


Editorial Integrity

We pride ourselves on non-biased, trustworthy and factual editorial which may help you make up your mind on subjects you may never have agreed on before.

To show the authenticity and trustworthiness of our content, every article contains interviews with key opinion leaders & experts. From professors at universities, to real people, living in real situations. Our articles are in-depth, because we take the time to speak to experts who help us evaluate the truth.